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About Us

The Quiet Revolution

The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company is a unique company run by and for people with learning disabilities.  We are based in Gateshead in the North-East of England.

The original group formed in 1986 and after years of hard work they chose to set up an independent company.  In January 2001 the Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company, a charitable company limited by guarantee, was established.  Over the last twenty years we have led hundreds of workshops and have researched, devised and toured work, mainly to learning disabled audiences.  We have produced videos, booklets, DVD’s, run residencies, summer schools, hosted nightclubs and established an apprenticeship scheme.

The company works with groups locally, nationally and internationally.  In our last monitoring year the company benefited over 10,000 people and well over 100 different organisations.  Over the last seven years the Lawnmowers have looked at all the skills needed to set up a company.  When we formed one of the main objectives was to keep a company run by and for people with learning disabilities.  Over the years this still remains strong in all our work including recruitment of staff, volunteers and management committee members, all of whom are chosen to support the company.

Today The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company has over 35 members, eight of whom are paid staff, two of whom have learning disabilities and a committed board of trustees. Our company’s work is very much in demand and we continue to explore ways of using theatre to champion the rights of people with learning difficulties, plant the seeds of social change and build a broader and better culture in the communities that we live.